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What are the Benefits of Microdosing THC?

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While we may all share different intentions and purposes for our personal cannabis consumption, our team at Minerva is a firm believer in incorporating the many benefits of cannabis into your wellness journey and goals. 

Microdosing THC has become an even more popular technique for consumption. And rightfully so! It has been helping users to actively achieve their self-care and wellness standards through cannabis without, to put it simply, “overdoing it.” 

Our vegan Pâte de Fruit edibles are formulated to provide the perfect microdose solution for cannabis novices and experts alike. 

Continue reading this blog to understand how exactly microdosing THC works, as well as how it can effectively benefit your daily routine.

How Exactly Do You Microdose THC?

Before we can really dive into the specific potential benefits of microdosing THC, let’s touch on some important basics regarding its definition, uses, and dosage. 
According to a recent article in Medical News Today:

“As a study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology notes, a technical definition of a microdose would be a dose of a drug that is only 1% of the active dose. 
However, the more common term for microdosing — a small fraction of a “normal dose” — is rather vague, as it does not provide a defined numerical value. 
Therefore, the common accepted definition is a small dose that does not cause any intoxication or significant alteration of consciousness. 
Anecdotal evidence suggests that people tend to take a small dose and then take it regularly or semi-regularly for an extended period. The duration of use varies from person to person.”

You might be asking, what exactly is the widely-recognized standard dosage of a ‘microdose’? A microdose is a small amount of THC (often 5mg or less) per serving. 

Although microdosing has become increasingly more popular recently, with cannabis legalization sweeping across the country, this particular method of consumption has certainly been looked at through the scientific lense. 

Consuming large amounts of THC can sometimes produce an undesirable effect that potentially impedes your productivity or ability to perform throughout the day. 

Instead, by consuming a smaller, ‘micro’ amount of THC, you can gain the endocannabinoid response and benefits from consuming cannabis without the risk of large levels of stress or anxiety as a side effect. 

Exploring the Benefits of Cannabis Microdosing

One of the many beauties of cannabis is that every individual may have their own reason or intention for consumption. Whether you are a new cannabis user, looking for a creative or motivational boost, or looking to unwind and relax before bedtime, one of the best things about microdosing THC and CBD, is that you can make it fit your unique personal needs.   

Although cannabis has been marketed for its various beneficial effects and uses among users, it is important to remember that this plant, and cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, are not a one size fits all. 

Many users have different desired doses and amounts they are willing to consume to gain the benefits of cannabis consumption. 

In fact, this is what has made consumers particularly curious about microdosing – examining how to get the most benefits by consuming THC in smaller quantities. 

However, those who are curious about microdosing THC must fully learn and consider the following potential benefits of this consumption technique: 

Avoiding THC-induced Anxiety 

Firstly, let’s talk about microdosing THC as it relates to managing anxiety while enjoying cannabis-based wellness options. This is a hot topic for many cannabis consumers, from newcomers to connoisseurs alike, that are concerned with ensuring they have the best possible canna-adventure. 

Unfortunately, high doses of THC have sometimes been associated with increased anxious feelings. By contrast, smaller doses are less likely to cause any unwanted stress, allowing the consumer to experience their adventures with a natural boost. 

Enhancing Productivity, Creativity, & Natural Wellness

Next—through microdosing THC, it’s been shown that consumers are potentially able to increase productivity, creativity, mood, and overall function. This benefit is great for those canna-lovers who are also adventurers, enjoying all types of activities while exploring the great outdoors. 

Because this process involves consuming a smaller amount, many microdosing users find themselves feeling less “spacey” and high compared to the effects felt in larger quantities. 

Maintaining a Balanced THC Tolerance

Last but certainly not least, another vital benefit of microdosing THC has to do with conscious cannabis consumption. Additionally, many users have been known to favor microdosing THC to maintain a more balanced, steady tolerance of THC. 
When microdosing THC, you won’t ever run the risk of overwhelming your body, but will certainly still receive the more milder effects of the THC and CBD consumed. 

Overall, the benefits and effects of microdosing are desirable to many consumers because you can get all the benefits of cannabis without risking any possible downsides of over-consumption (like undesired psychoactivity).  

Minerva: Microdose Cannabis with Our Vegan California Edibles 

Thanks to our delicious cannabis pate de fruit edibles, you can now microdose THC to tailor the many benefits of cannabis to your personal health and wellness goals – without the uncomfortable feeling of over-consumption. 

Some more about Minerva’s delectable variety of Pâte de Fruit cannabis edibles:

  • They are made from all natural fruit purées enhanced with pure THC and CBD. 
  • Available in either 1.5mg, 2.5mg, 3.5mg, or 5mg.
  • They’re tailored for every consumer’s unique THC-microdose experience.

Finally, no matter the intention or purpose for consuming cannabis products, the technique of microdosing THC is a helpful and balancing way to enjoy. 

This way you can reap all of the wonderful benefits of cannabis without the overwhelming or spacey high that sometimes follows. 

Take on your day-to-day tasks, creative endeavors, and inspiring adventures with the small dose of THC and CBD that is right for you! 

For more information and pertinent cannabis education, canna-culture, the latest research on microdosing, and more, be sure to bookmark our blog page!

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