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Minerva Products Now Available at Culture Cannabis Club Dispensaries in SoCal!

Hey Minerva Fam! As we’ve mentioned in earlier blogs — there are a lot of exciting things happening in our world that we cannot wait to share with you this year. We can now officially announce the latest in a series of wonderful developments for our brand and our customers…

Minerva products are currently available in Culture Cannabis Club dispensaries across a total of 6(!) locations in the SoCal area! Excited?? We certainly are, keep reading for more about this stellar company and their locations.


About Culture Cannabis Club: Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Delivery

We’re thrilled to be working with this amazing team. According to their website, Culture Cannabis Club is:

“A place to come together, as a community. To share the common love of a healing plant. People of all different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds circle around the magnet that is culture. The center force for everyone, with open arms of zero judgment or expectations. From there.. We all rise.” 


Their Dispensary Locations:

Culture Cannabis Club dispensaries are conveniently located throughout SoCal, so you can get your Minerva craving taken care of quickly and easily. Here’s where you can find their facilities:


Be sure to check them out & stay tuned for more exciting news/updates!