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At Minerva, when microdosing THC edibles, we believe that there are many benefits to tailoring the journey to your personal wellness goals, while avoiding the potentially uncomfortable side effects of over-consumption.

A microdose is a very small amount of THC (usually 5mg or less) per serving. The inception of Minerva came about because finding truly microdosed edibles can be difficult, while finding delicious microdosed edibles can be nearly impossible.

Microdosing THC edibles can be used effectively in many ways to naturally enhance your daily experiences. It’s great for new cannabis users, consumers needing a creative boost, as well as for those looking to unwind before sleep, among various other uses.

Locust bean gum is derived from the carob tree. It is completely natural, vegan and safe for human consumption.

Yes! There are no animal products or by-products in Minerva Pâte de Fruit. We use only vegan-friendly ingredients in our candies, including organic cane sugar and pectin.

We add MCT oil and Sunflower lecithin to our pâte de fruit to increase the bioavailability of THC and CBD. Scientific studies have shown that the body is able to process THC more quickly and efficiently with the presence of fats.

MCT and lecithin increase the absorption of cannabis, speeding up the digestion process – which makes it faster acting and may result in an enhanced experience and higher efficacy.

The answer is: It depends. Each person is different when it comes to how they process THC. Andrea Lupear, the President and Chief Pastry Officer of Minerva, started making 1.5mg edibles because that is her “perfect” dose.

Your “perfect” dose may be 2.5mg or even 5mg, and it may even be different depending on what you are planning to do after you enjoy one of our delicious edibles. (For example: 1.5mg might be perfect for a morning of cleaning and 3.5mg might be perfect before bed.)

The best advice for any edibles experience is, “Start low and go slow.” For new cannabis consumers – we recommend that you start with 1.5mg, then assess how you feel after waiting 2 hours, and go from there.

The answer is: It depends. Minerva Pâte de Fruit utilizes MCT and sunflower lecithin to increase the bioavailability of THC, which may decrease the onset time after ingestion.

Onset can occur after 20 minutes in some individuals, but it may take up to 2 hours for other individuals to feel the effects. Always start low and be sure to wait 2 hours before you consume another pâte de fruit.

Pâte de fruit are traditional French confections, made with fruit puree, sugars, pectin and citric acid. This mixture is cooked, molded, cooled to set and rolled in sugar.

The result is a firm, intensely flavored, sweet-tart treat. The bonus is, of course, that Minerva’s Pâte de Fruit are enhanced with THC and CBD!

container of minerva's elysian, pate de fruit edibles Microdosing THC edibles Vegan cannabis infused edibles containing 3.5 mg of THC and 3.5 mg of CBD