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Truly Microdosed Cannabis

At Minerva, our mission is to provide playfully sophisticated vegan cannabis edibles that not only taste good but benefit your health and overall wellbeing. Our truly microdosed cannabis edibles are made with the highest vegan ingredients without any artificial additives. Learn about our products, the benefits of microdosing THC and CBD edibles and more, here at Minerva.

Vegan Cannabis Edibles from California

Playful. Sophisticated. Gourmet.

While there are lots of THC and CBC edible brands out there, very few of them are truly gourmet, and most frustratingly: hardly any of them taste great. Until now. Constantly inspired by the exclusive feelings only the best food is capable of evoking, our team at Minerva enjoys mixing unexpected flavors and all-natural ingredients together in order to provide a sensual experience for our customers with the best tasting edibles on the market!