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What are the Benefits of Using Sunflower Lecithin in Minerva Cannabis Edibles?

At Minerva, our Pâte de Fruit cannabis edibles are made with the finest, all-natural ingredients for a top-quality microdosed experience. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of sunflower lecithin, and why we’ve chosen this ingredient for making the best microdosed cannabis edibles around!


What is Sunflower Lecithin?

Lecithin is a phospholipid and food additive found in many plant and animal sources. These include sunflower seeds, eggs, avocados, and soybeans. Considering its molecular makeup of fatty acids, lecithin is both water and oil-soluble. This makes it a reliable emulsifier when it comes to infusing foods or beverages with cannabis.

The use of lecithin in various foods helps to combine, interact, and bind the water and oil used; two ingredients that wouldn’t naturally combine without this emulsion. 

When it comes to either soy or sunflower lecithin, the differences may be minor. However, they hold significance to the overall final product. Sunflower lecithin is often a more preferable ingredient for consumers who are allergic to soy-based ingredients.

Additionally, lecithin is also taken as a supplement to help with various therapeutic or medicinal health functions. It holds an important role in providing elasticity to cells and cell membranes in our body – often used to target help with the liver, gallbladder, digestion, lower cholesterol, and even dry skin.

As a result, lecithin is also a common food additive that you’ll find in plenty of recipes. This is especially true with sweets and desserts that contain both water and oil ingredients!


The Benefits of Sunflower Lecithin in Cannabis Edibles

Sunflower lecithin is derived specifically from dehydrated sunflowers, quickly becoming a more natural and less processed alternative, compared to soy lecithin. Considering its purpose and function to create emulsion and bind ingredients together, lecithin has become a pivotal ingredient in many cannabis edibles we know and enjoy today.

Especially with the infusion of potent cannabinoids, it’s important for edibles to contain a form of lecithin to help ensure that oil-soluble ingredients bind to any water-soluble ingredients in the recipe. (For cannabis edibles, this could often be sugar, cacao, or confectionary fruit purees.)

By eliminating the separation of any oils or fats in cannabis edibles, sunflower lecithin even prevents the degradation of the edible and the formation of mold. 

Specifically for cannabis edibles, you’ll often find sunflower lecithin as a key ingredient. This is because it has been known to increase the bioavailability of edibles, elevating their potency and overall experience.

By increasing the absorption of cannabinoids into the cell membrane and bloodstream, lecithin ultimately speeds up the absorption process when consuming cannabis-infused foods. As an emulsifier, sunflower lecithin ensures that the cannabis oil (or cannabutter) used in edibles efficiently combines with water-based ingredients.

This allows for a more balanced consumption and absorption of cannabinoids. While this doesn’t necessarily mean lecithin makes any food product more potent, it does contribute to a faster onset time, therefore curating stronger, more sustained effects.


Minerva Edibles: Made with Sunflower Lecithin & All Natural Ingredients

With each of our delicious microdosed cannabis edible products, you can count on Minerva’s Pâte de Fruit to be made with all-natural fruit puree blends and no artificial flavors or additives.

By incorporating sunflower lecithin – each of our products offers consistently quick and reliable microdosed THC:CBD – to effortlessly elevate and enhance your day.

Try one of the many tasty flavors of Minerva’s pâte de fruit edibles, today! View our store locator to find the closest Minerva products near you. Stay tuned to our Blog page for more cannabis education and information.

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So be sure to treat yourself, today!