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Cannabis & Self-Care: Treat Your Mind & Body Right!

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Considering all the new products designed around health, wellness, and beauty regimens, there are many ways in which modern consumers are exploring self-care through cannabis.

Check out our favorite natural tips for treating your mind and body right!


Cannabis & Meditation

First and foremost, it’s important to note that many who practice some sort of self-care also often incorporate mindfulness and meditation. Negative thoughts and overthinking are silent and slow-burning struggles for many, especially those who are continually feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

These constant negative loops and states of mind can certainly take a toll on those affected, especially over a longer period of time. With the addition of cannabis, mindful meditation practices can help diminish these thoughts of worry or negativity and help consumers find a more balanced state.

Considering how cannabis works within our bodies to bind to receptors that control signals related to mood, thought, and function — cannabinoids such as THC or CBD can potentially help alleviate any heightened unwanted feelings and enhance more euphoric, relaxing effects.


Sparking Your Creativity

Of the many mental and physical effects cannabis consumption has on the body/mind — there’s no doubt imagination and creativity are correlated — being enhanced and improved through the use of cannabis. More specifically, certain strains and terpenes are known to ignite creative expression and practice.

Because of this, many cannabis consumers find certain playful activities to be stimulating to one’s creativity when they are consuming. Whether it’s painting, doodling, writing, gardening, crafting, cooking, or even dancing – cannabis is often seen as an enhancing lubricant between your mind and your creativity!

Additionally, many studies have shown that lower doses of cannabis are known to elevate creativity and divergent thinking, compared to higher doses. This is why Minerva’s Pâte de Fruit edibles are ideal to help enhance your creative side while feeling the functional effects of the microdose.


Nurturing Yourself within Nature

Overall, the relationship between self-care rituals and cannabis is crucial. Many consumers find that cannabis and nature can be leveraged for the act of self-care, interchangeably. For some, this includes feeling grounded with nature through the use of various cannabis products.

Cannabis is known to enhance your perception of sights, sounds, and textures. Therefore, no matter if you’re trying out a new product or consuming one of your reliable favorites, connecting with cannabis in nature can certainly be beneficial.

With this in mind, by taking a deep breath of fresh air and exploring the natural environment around you, microdosing cannabis can potentially help to soothe your body and mind into a more relaxed state. With so many beautiful places throughout California (and beyond) – the possibilities for adventures are endless. Explore responsibly!


Treat Yourself Right & Enjoy Minerva’s Microdosed Edibles

Similar to cannabis, one of the wonderful things about self-care is that it is different for everybody!

Self-care and cannabis: a natural combination that produces an endless amount of powerful results. Incorporating trusted cannabis products such as Minerva’s microdosed edibles into your self-care routine can further help to elevate your mind and body to a more balanced state.

With our vegan Pâte de Fruit edibles, you can enjoy three different combinations of our delectable confections along with a microdosed amount of THC & CBD for easily-accessible, functional effects.

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So be sure to treat yourself, today!