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Not Feelin’ all that House Cleaning? Here are Some Canna-Fueled Tips to Make it Fun

Between balancing your work and home life, it can be difficult to find time to clean up around your house or living space. Even if you find the time, it can be even harder to find the motivation. Chores may feel like a never-ending to-do list that you can’t seem to stay on top of, but they don’t have to…

With a little bit of cannabis and a little bit of creativity, there is nothing that can’t be fun – even house chores!


Cannabis & Creativity

You may have seen in movies, or in your daily life, that cannabis can make you think more creatively, but how does this actually work? Let’s look at the science. Creativity comes from the frontal lobe, or the front part, of your brain. It can be stimulated when there is more blood flow to that area.

More blood flow to the brain can be promoted by something like aerobic exercise. This is why you might notice a burst of creativity while on a walk. Another way to stimulate the frontal lobe is with THC. When THC reaches the frontal lobe, creativity can increase.

Additionally, THC affects the type of thinking that your brain does. It dampens convergent thinking, or problem-solving-based thinking, which allows divergent thinking, meaning the free-flowing thinking that is associated with creativity. Because THC inhibits you from focusing on rational and concrete solutions to ideas, your mind is free to roam wherever it would like without having to be “correct.”

The key here, however, is dosing. It may seem like more THC means more creativity, but, that is not the case! The amount you need will depend on your tolerance, but a “microdose” is generally 5 mg or less.


Tips to Make House Chores Fun

Microdosing THC before doing house chores may help you come up with your own ideas on how to make house chores motivating and fun for you. But if you need some help getting started, pop an edible and try one of our ideas.

  • Lip-Sync for Your Life

Choose a playlist that speaks to you and your current mood. Then blast it (either on speakers or headphones depending on how close your neighbors are) and feel your fantasy.

Act like you are filming a music video for each song and add choreography breaks!

  • Make it a Race

A little competition can spice up even the most menial of tasks. If you live with someone else, divide the chores into two even lists and see who can finish them quicker (with a quality assurance caveat).

If you live alone or are cleaning alone, set a timer and race against the clock.

  • Listen to an audiobook

Let yourself be whisked away to a faraway land through the magic of storytelling. If listening to music isn’t motivating for you, try listening to an audiobook. Your mind will paint a beautiful picture of the story being told so vividly, that you will barely be able to see the chores in front of you.

Just because your body is at home, doing chores doesn’t mean your mind has to be!

  • Turn it into Aromatherapy

Use different essential oils in your home to create a scent landscape. Add some lavender oil to your pillows after you make your bed to help you relax at night. Hang some eucalyptus in your shower after cleaning it so next time you are in there, you have a spa-like experience.

Use peppermint oil in your kitchen to leave a crisp refreshing smell and ward off unwanted insects. If you want to get extra fancy, look into how to make your own cleaning products and customize your scents. The reward of your house smelling fantastic, is that this will get you excited to clean it again!

**If you have pets, make sure to look into which essential oils are safe before putting them around your home!


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