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What are the Benefits of Using MCT Oil in Minerva Cannabis Edibles?

MCT oil

At Minerva, we choose only the finest all-natural ingredients to produce the highest quality microdosed cannabis edibles on the market — offering a one-of-a-kind product with a one-of-a-kind, delicious taste. What is it about Minerva’s vegan cannabis edibles that delivers such sweet, confectionary Pâte de Fruit goodness? 

In each of our hand-crafted, flavorful blends of these microdosed edibles, there’s a special all-natural ingredient that holds notable benefits. And no, we don’t just mean cannabis! 

Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of MCT oil, why it’s so common in cannabis products, and how this oil can even increase your overall cannabis edibles experience. 


All About MCT Oil 

MCT oil is a dietary fat with a unique chemical structure that makes it easily soluble and absorbable. It has become commonly used as an oil alternative because of its health benefits and advantages to the body and diet. 

MCT oil comes from a type of fat made with medium-chain triglycerides; it is easier to break down through the liver, making for quicker absorption in the bloodstream. (This is compared to long-chain triglycerides like LCT, often found in soybean or safflower oil). 

This oil is a supplement derived from coconuts or palm kernel oil, and goes through a process called fractionation to separate triglyceride compounds into a concentrated liquid state. Research has shown that MCT oil may be a good source of energy for the brain – improving focus, mental clarity, and memory. 

When it comes to health and wellness practices, people often use MCT oil for: 

  • Weight loss and/or appetite control 
  • Extra source of fat nutrients 
  • Extra energy for exercise
  • Inflammation


MCT Oil in Cannabis 

Whether it’s a topical, edible, sublingual, or even a cannabis beverage, there are plenty of different carrier oils and ingredients in cannabis products today. 

When cannabis edibles are consumed, the onset of effects and overall duration of the experience is typically different than if you were to smoke a joint or pipe. This is because the digestion of cannabis edibles goes through the metabolic process and breaks down through the liver. 

With that, MCT oil is often used in these cannabis products because of its quick breakdown through the liver, giving Minerva’s microdosed edibles a faster onset of effects felt. 

Another great advantage of MCT oil in edibles is that it evenly absorbs cannabinoids, allowing for an accurate dosage with each drop. This is why you’ll often find tinctures made with cannabinoids and MCT oil, because of the potential to increase the bioavailability of the compounds included, such as THC or CBD. 

At Minerva, we chose MCT oil in our cannabis edibles as a healthier ingredient option that would still maintain the essence and flavor profile in each of our delicious flavors. 


Minerva: All Natural Edibles 

Our team at Minerva is on a mission to produce the best 1:1 cannabis edibles in the California cannabis market. Subsequently, we chose MCT oil as a type of carrier oil ingredient to absorb THC and CBD in the purest, most concentrated form. 

Considering the quick rate at which MCT oil absorbs in the bloodstream, this ingredient in our microdosed cannabis edibles produces a faster, reliable onset of full-spectrum effects. The even absorption of cannabinoids helps establish an accurate/consistent dosage with each and every delectable Minerva Pâte de Fruit confection. 

We’re excited to announce that Minerva is now officially available via these convenient California cannabis delivery services: 


& You can also find our products in these excellent Santa Ana cannabis dispensaries:


So be sure to treat yourself, today!