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How Do I Choose the Right Cannabis Edibles for Me?

When you think about cannabis edibles, the truth of the matter is: we’ve come a long way since traditional pot brownies. Long gone are the days of ‘guesstimating’ the exact dosage of what you’re eating, or attempting to figure out exactly what it even is. 

Instead, today’s legal cannabis market is full of options that allow you to explore the different variations of cannabis edibles available. However, even an abundance of options can leave canna-curious consumers overwhelmed. 

At Minerva, we understand how important choosing the right cannabis edible can be for your overall experience. Because of that, our team was determined to set out on a mission to find the most perfect, flavorful cannabis edibles. 

This blog explores how to choose the right cannabis edible for you, plus what makes Minerva a delightful and one-of-a-kind experience for our customers. 


Exploring Cannabis Edibles 

Edibles are typically identified as any sort of ingestible product that can be infused with THC, CBD, and other common cannabinoids. 

If you have had an experience with edibles already, you’ve probably seen many creative ways and forms of food (and beverages) infused with these cannabis compounds. 

Even with all of the infused foods many companies and brands are creating, seeking a great edible can be a mission in and of itself! 

What exactly makes one edible better than another similar product? Consider these few tips when choosing the right cannabis edibles for you: 


What Makes an Edible a ‘Good’ One? 


First, when choosing the right edibles for you, it’s important to consider their ingredients. Always check the packaging label for the product’s list of ingredients, and be mindful of any allergens or irritants that may affect your experience. 

Similar to other non-infused foods, if there are any ingredients that are hard to pronounce, it’s probably best to avoid putting them in your body. 



Additionally, since we’re talking about cannabis-infused products here, assessing the Certificate of Analysis on the product’s label (if any) will help you to further scrutinize available information about the product. 

This includes lab testing certificates for safe and clean cannabis, plus the dosage and percentages of cannabinoids or terpenes included. 


Price Point

Another important tip to remember with edibles (and generally all cannabis products) is the price point. There is room on the legal market for a wide range of products, but it is important to keep in mind: you get what you pay for. If a product seems unusually inexpensive, there’s most likely a reason for it.



Lastly, when choosing the right edible, it’s helpful to think about the specific type of experience you’re after. This will help to determine which type of edible dosage fits your experience. 

For instance, are you looking for an intense edible that can help you slide off into a state of deep sleep? Or – are you looking for a milder edible that can ease you into a social gathering with friends/family?



The most common dose for standard cannabis edibles is around 5mg – 10mg, ranging in beneficial, medicinal properties or for more recreational and adventurous purposes. 

Macrodoses are considered anything over 10mg, which are typically not recommended for cannabis edibles amateurs, as they can get astronomically potent.


Start Slow & Low with Microdosing

As mentioned in previous blogs, microdosing has become a more popular way of consuming cannabis edibles. 

By starting slow and low, users can feel good and uplifted without the feeling of being completely stoned. 


THC vs. CBD Edibles: What to Expect 

In addition to the assortment of cannabis products available to enjoy, you may find edibles that are either THC-infused, CBD-infused, or both! 

Edibles that are higher in CBD than THC will often lead to uplifting and active effects, while also providing relief from inflammation and anxiety without the intensity of a typical ‘high.’ 

As for THC, these similar effects can occur, but stronger psychoactive properties may ensue. Cannabis edibles with a more balanced dose of THC and/or CBD can be more comfortable to manage on a daily basis, or whenever consumed. 


Minerva: Truly Microdosed Cannabis

With Minerva, we focused on truly microdosed THC & CBD edibles – our 1.5mg, 2.5mg, 3.5mg, 5mg options offer a great range of dosages for any kind of cannabis edible experience. All of our products include a delicious medley of flavors for canna-curious customers of all types! 


Have You Heard?? Minerva is officially set-up with an Orange County delivery company, Market Run Delivery:

You can now order our 1.5s Sunshine and 2.5s Elysian on Market Run! 

For additional info as well as cannabis education, the latest in cannabis culture, all the most modern research on microdosing, and more, be sure to bookmark our blog page!